Why use wireless controls?
What frequency do the controls operate at?

72-76 MHz, 400MHz and 900MHz

Is frequency interference a common problem?

Individualized digital codes assigned to each system prevent mix-ups in crane responses and accurate separation of frequencies allow for unlimited uses. Only one crane responds to one special code when transmitted. Hundreds of codes are available, and for added protection, operating frequencies of each transmitter in the same geographical area are staggered within the frequency band to further prevent interference.

What are the advantages of a CRANE BOSS system as compared to your competitors’ products?

The CRANE BOSS name exemplifies efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, and productivity. CRANE BOSS’ unparalleled after-market support ensures the customer minimal downtime. Furthermore, all CRANE BOSS products are readily customized to fit the users’ particular needs, and are handmade, tested, and re-tested again. With over 40 years in the industry, CRANE BOSS’ experience, ruggedness, and dependability have made it the obvious choice for users seeking a highly productive, worry-free system.

How durable are CRANE BOSS products?

Crane Boss products definitely stand the test of time. The electronic devices within our transmitters are encased in rugged housings which protect them against the physical rigors of their operating environments – heat, cold, heavy-handed use, explosive atmospheres, etc.

Is wireless control as safe as cab- and pendant-controlled cranes?

Safer. With the advent of remote crane control, the operator may now stay clear of the load, while at the same time enjoy better visibility of it. This makes, not only for a safer operation, but also a more efficient one, as well.

What safeguards are there on the bellyboxes to protect against human error?

Each transmitter requires a key to turn the system on. Furthermore, an “enable-bar” must be depressed by the user to sound a warning signal and energize the main line contactor. Without depressing this bar, the crane will not operate. All function control levers return to the neutral position when released (dead man action), stopping the motion of the crane. These control levers are further [protected by a switch guard, which prevents unintended use of the switches. Each CRANE BOSS system is made with “fail-safe” circuits – crane motion stops, brakes are set, and lift magnets remain in the last state in case of a malfunction.

What do I do in the event of an emergency?

Press the Emergency-Stop switch. This will turn off the mainline contactor, and the crane will stop

Must I have a license to install and operate CRANE BOSS systems?

No, but getting licensed is highly recommended, particularly in metropolitan areas and on the very busy UHF band. Robinson Engineering will provide the buyer with forms to be filled-out and submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How long do the batteries last?

The CRANE BOSS battery supply shall be of the rechargeable type. Recharge is to be accomplished by connecting to standard 115 volt 60 cycle convenience outlet. The unit will operate at least 30 hours in between charges. Full charge will be accomplished within 12 hours. The battery pack is removable, providing for ease in switching out batteries. Unscrewing or removing any sort of battery cover or “door” is unnecessary. Recharging can be done with battery installed or removed from the transmitter.

Will regular batteries operate my system?

No, and for this reason backups are recommended. Backups may be purchased through this website or by calling the CRANE BOSS toll-free number (888-272-5001).

How can I attain additional transmitters?

Backup transmitters are recommended to prevent any potential downtime. They may be purchased through this website, or by calling the CRANE BOSS toll-free number (888-272-5001). Please have the transmitter serial number available.

Please explain your warranty policy to me.

Robinson Engineering warrants the delivered crane control system to be free of defective material and workmanship and agrees to remedy any such defect within two years of purchase at no charge to the purchaser upon return of defective parts to the factory. Defects caused by improper maintenance, misuse, tampering, neglect, accident, or use in violation of supplier’s written instructions shall not be covered by this warranty. By purchasing one (1) Spare Universal Transmitter and one (1) Spare Parts Kit per system, the warranty is extended for five (5) years. (Universal has all cranes’ functions!