Crane Boss® II – Joystick


  • Backwards compatible to nearly every Crane Boss system
  • Intelligent datakey serialization for flexibility
  • Every system custom engineered for application
  • Unique high impact design for maximum strength
  • Available with standard 3 lever controls
  • Single through five step or stepless control
  • FCC approved 900MHz band for maximum reliability
  • AC and DC crane applications
  • Optional control for below the hook accessories

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Saves time! Saves labor! Increases efficiency

The Crane Boss® II system handles as many as four five-speed or stepless reversing motors with all motions simultaneous and in any combination. Two and Three axis joysticks are also available. A single Crane Boss® II digital command link can also control many auxiliary functions such as magnet lift-drop, lights on-off, interlock latch-unlatch, signal sounding, brakes, etc.

The Crane Boss® II system is simple to operate. The transmitter unit incorporates a large, easily-operated control levers or joysticks for each crane motion. Moving the lever in either direction from the neutral position moves the crane in that direction. The “Start” button is depressed to sound a warning signal and energize the main line contactor. All function control levers return to the neutral (dead-man action) when released and motion stops. Fail-safe features are used throughout the circuitry. There are four LED indicators that can be configured for your application.