Crane Boss® 400

Digital Radio Remote Control for Overhead Cranes

Saves time! Saves labor! Increases efficiency

Crane Boss® controls the functions of most complex industrial cranes or simple applications, both with dramatic cost-effectiveness. More than one crane in the same plant can be controlled by the Crane Boss®.

Crane Boss® combines digital pulse coding techniques with an FM radio link to give you an extremely powerful and flexible system. Advanced technology seasoned with years of “inplant” experience assures you of top performance.

Crane Boss® is tailored to fit your plant’s needs

The Crane Boss® system is built to suit your own plants requirements from standard component modules manufactured by Robinson Engineering. The system can be effectively installed on cranes you now have in operation or applied to your new cranes at time of manufacture. Each system consists of a portable transmitter control unit carried by the crane operator, plus receiving equipment permanently installed on the crane and electrically connected to the cranes magnetic control circuits. This gives the operator the freedom, efficiency and safety of remote control.

Versatile transmitter controls all functions of complex crane

The Crane Boss® system handles as many as seven five-speed or stepless reversing motors with all motions simultaneous and in any combination. A single Crane Boss® digital command link can also control many auxiliary functions such as magnet lift-drop, lights on-off, interlock latch-unlatch, signal sounding, brakes, etc.

The Crane Boss® system is simple to operate. The transmitter unit incorporates a large, easily-operated control lever for each crane motion. Moving the lever in either direction from the neutral position moves the crane in that direction. The “enable” button is depressed to sound a warning signal and energize the main line contactor. All function control levers return to the neutral (dead-man action) when released and motion stops. Fail-safe features are used throughout the circuitry. Crane motion stops, brakes set and lift magnets remain in the last state, in case of a malfunction.

Cost effective and efficient

The transmitters in your Crane Boss® system transmit unique digital crane address codes to each crane. Only one crane responds to one special code when transmitted. Hundreds of these address codes are available. For added protection, operating frequencies of each transmitter in the same geographical area are staggered within the frequency band to prevent interference. The proper selection of digital address codes and operating frequencies relative to physical separation permits control of an unlimited number of cranes in the same plant, area or city. Interchangeable plug-in modules make servicing the system quick and easy. The replaceable, rechargeable battery pack provides 30 hours of continuous operation between charges.

Your Crane Boss® system receives unsurpassed warranty and service by the Robinson Engineering Company. Our experience supplying radio crane controls since 1962 assures integrity and reliability.

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Crane Boss® 400, Crane Boss® 400 900 MHz