Crane Boss® 300M 4-Master

Digital Radio Remote Control for Overhead Cranes

Increases efficiency, cost effectiveness, safety and productivity


  • Bridge 5 speed reversing
  • Trolley 5 speed reversing
  • Main Hoist 5 speed reversing
  • Aux Hoist 5 speed reversing
  • Aux 1/2 – Momentary | Maintained Toggle Switch
  • Aux 3/4 – Momentary | Maintained Toggle Switch


The Crane Boss® 300’s advanced technology enables operators to control the functions of simple applications or the most complex industrial cranes. It is made better, it works better and lasts longer.


The system’s straightforward interface design provides for quick installation on new cranes and is especially effective when installed as a replacement on existing cranes.

Individualized digital codes prevent mixups in crane responses and accurate separation of frequencies allow unlimited uses. Remote control transmitters eliminate the need for clumsy, dangling pendants.


Interchangeable plug-in modules make service quick and easy thus minimizing downtime and maximizing usage. The alkaline batteries provide 100 hours of continuous use.

The Crane Boss® system is simple to operate. The transmitter unit incorporates a large, easily operated control lever for each crane motion. The “enable” button is depressed to sound a warning signal and energizes the main line contactor. All function control levers return to neutral (dead man action) when released, and motion stops.

Fail-safe features are used throughout the circuitry. Crane motion stops (brakes set) in case of malfunction.

Robinson’s experience with supplying radio crane controls since 1962 assures the Crane Boss® system integrity and reliability. The system has an unsurpassed warranty.

General Specifications
Operating Range 300 feet
Operating Temperature -20 to 150 F
Frequency Band 72-76 MHz (900 MHz optional)
Transmitter Specifications
Housing ABS Plastic with Cast Aluminum Guard
Case Size / Weight 6" H x 8" W x 5" D / 4.5 lbs.
Battery Robinson Engineering Rechargeable Battery Pack
Carry Method Shoulder Harness, Belt Harness, or convenient Belt Clips
Method of Operation Spring-centered function levers, for 1-hand operation
Drip-Proof Construction