Our Standards & Practices

  • To maintain factory trained field representatives as a front-line support for each and every one of our valued customers
  • To design and fabricate equipment to meet the specific application needs, versus modifying the application to meet the equipment’s capability.
  • To build a simple system using conservatively rated and industrial grade components for long and reliable life.
  • To avoid using volatile IC’s and PC’s, which cause program errors and mis-operations.
  • To support existing customers because they are our testimonials and lifeline of the company.
  • To service customers with fast response, proper solutions, and prompt repairs.
  • To use common componentry and simple designs throughout the product line to minimize parts requirements.
  • Never obsolete equipment unless you are willing to be obsolete by the customer.
  • To be there to answer the customers questions and needs whether it be a radio issue or material handling issue.