Crane Boss History

Robinson Engineering Vision:

“Year after year, Robinson Engineering shall be regarded as the authority on industrial digital radio remote controls, surpassing every customer’s expectations in providing them the best possible product, with customer service beyond comparison.”

“Exceeding Expectations Since 1959”

In the late 1950s/early ‘60s, the standard in industrial overhead material handling cranes was that of minimal performance, and compromised safety. Cab operated cranes were slow and awkward, and contributed to excessive downtime. Dangling pendant controls presented an inherent danger to the operator in that he must constantly avoid the load while struggling to maintain sight of it. These factors – low productivity, significant safety risks, and inaccessibility -- contributed to the demise of the “old way of doing things,” and opened the door to a revolutionary method of operating overhead cranes: Digital Radio Remote Control.

George C. Robinson, a graduate of Texas A&M University who founded Robinson Engineering in 1959, quickly realized that there existed an untapped potential in radio technology for industrial markets. Mr. Robinson expanded on his interest in television and radio broadcast and knowledge of power distribution and radio wave transmission to design and fabricate electrical control systems for industrial automation. Robinson Engineering’s reputation for expertise and excellence preceded itself and soon, Robinson Engineering was commissioned to design radio control for the largest crane builder in the southwest United States.

Crane Boss had been born.

With an intensive RF knowledge and industry know-how, Crane Boss soon raised the bar for all to reach. Realizing the limitations of tone control, which is how cranes in the 1970s were controlled, Crane Boss pioneered the use of discrete digital pulse control 15 years ahead of its competitors. This method is still employed today by many manufacturers of radio controls.

Over the duration of the last 40 years, thousands of Crane Boss systems have been sold worldwide. Users enjoy higher productivity, a much safer work environment, and reduced maintenance costs. With an unbeatable two-year warranty, and post-purchase support beyond comparison, Robinson Engineering has earned itself the reputation as the industry-leader in customer satisfaction and profitability. Dealing with people who possess an understanding of the in’s and out’s of the industry, as well as a genuine concern for their clients, is what tends to bring customers back to the folks at Robinson Engineering and Crane Boss products.

30-year old equipment received for reconditioning.

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